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Transforming a literary groundwork to an approachable online platform

The Danish Culture Canon consists of 108 works of cultural excellence and was developed by a series of committees under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Culture. We’re proud to have created the online platform for the relaunching of the canon making it available – and approachable – for the general public.

The Challenge

One of the challenges was the amount of information that had to be easy to navigate and tap into. The canon consists of 108 cultural works in eight categories: architecture, visual arts, design and crafts, film, literature, music, performing arts and children’s culture.

Furthermore The Ministry of Culture already had a Typo3 CMS platform they wanted to continue, so STRØM’s platform design had to be built onto this and be able to communicate with it seamlessly.

The Solution

Through our initial ground work and user experience analysis we created a strategy with a design that was easy to navigate for the user, but also easy to adjust for the Ministry.

By creating basic modules we made the design flexible and intuitive for the Ministry’s secretariat to add new information and to publish on the platform themselves.

STRØM designed and implemented a simple grid design – not only making it easy for the user to get an overview and navigate the different categories in the canon, but also making a beautiful site that was welcoming and accessible. It was crucial to implement photos and a light and airy design thereby avoiding very text heavy columns on the platform.

We also added two essential navigation tools: a time line and a geographical locator. This way the user could search via both geographical context and chronological context, adding an extra user friendly navigation filter to the existing categories.




The Results

We created a technically powerful page that could hold all the information of the great literary work as well as being visually welcoming and easy to navigate.

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