Design for Longevity

Design for Longevity

Communication Platform / Experience Design / Strategy / Technology

Inspiration, knowledge and tools for future proof design

We’re excited and proud to have designed, planned, and developed the Design for Longevity communication platform for the Danish Fashion Institute.

The platform functions as a dynamic toolbox providing users with inspiring case stories, knowledge about best practice, and access to helpful tools in a combination of articles, videos, how-to guides and other formats that will inspire designers to design for longevity and make use of circular strategies.



The Danish Fashion Institute wanted to create a platform that would communicate their ambition to support new mindsets and design practices, working towards design for longevity and circularity.

What was needed was a platform to inform and share best practice knowledge as well as to engage users to sharing of all content, comments and feedback.

It was also important that the platform could tailor the content to the user’s personal feed to provide them with the most relevant information in regard to their needs and interests.


We helped the client define their core brand story by combining their communication efforts with sales activities. Every product tells a unique story which add value for potential resellers.

The platform is a unique system specifically created as a fundament for the core concept.

Visitors are able to sign up as users to engage favourite content and share it. All in all actually creating a social network platform specifically for designers and their peers.


The initial goal was to acquire 1.000 active users within the first year the platform was live.

We exceeded expectations by reaching that goal within the first 6 months and the numbers are still growing exponentially.

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Design For Longevity

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