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An onbrand experience with global scalability

The internationally acclaimed design studio; Frama, asked STRØM to help with the relaunch of their online identity, expand their sales channels, ad transform their brand into a modern OMNI-channel brand with a global presence in both the physical and digital space. The result? An immediate increase in D2C sales from 2 to 14% online within the first year.

But creating an e-commerce experience for a brand that is focused on design and fine materials, isn’t just a walk in the park. In order to succeed, the experience has to feel completely on-brand, be easy to understand and be built in a way that gives the customer that same feeling of quality and craftsmanship as if they would walk in to Frama’s beautiful physical store in the heart of Copenhagen.


With a strong physical presence in the retail space across the globe, Frama wanted stay relevant and own their own digital channels by building a modern and scalable e-commerce experience. 

For this, STRØM teamed up with Stockholm based Centra, a headless and globally scalable eCommerce platform focused on the lifestyle scene.


This allowed for a scalable e-commerce experience, with support for multi-markets, multiple currencies, warehouses and more.

As a headless platform; the backend is completely detached from the frontend, allowing STRØM to build a beautiful on-brand experience without any boundaries or limitations on design – a perfect match for a design brand operating on a global level.


With a strong feature set and technical foundations in the Centra Platform, STRØM completely redesigned Frama’s online identity and tailored a user centric e-commerce experience – transforming the brand into a true OMNI-channel brand with a global physical and digital presence.

With D2C sales up from 2 to 14% within the first year, the successful collaboration now continues to ensure Frama’s growth as a modern and easily scalable eCommerce brand.

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