Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen

Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen

Communication Platform / Experience Design / Strategy

Creating user friendly design and restructuring an already existing platform

The agency for Culture and Palaces, part of the Danish ministry of Culture, wanted a profound modernisation of their webpage. We created a platform that could be built onto the existing CMS system and still completely redesigned the webpage and improved the user experience on the site.

The Challenge

The agency for Culture and Palaces had a Typo3 CMS platform that they wanted to continue, but needed a complete redesign of the user experience and design.

It was important to maintain the vast catalogue of information collected through the years, the skeleton of knowledge so to speak, while modernising all surface and structure.

The Solution

On the basis of a thorough analysis of user needs and the agency’s ressources and wishes for the process, STRØM made a solution to take the webpage through the first stage of change: creating a seamless platform that could be built onto the existing CMS system and introduced a new design which improved the entire user experience on the site.

We also created modules that were easy for the agency itself to use for future content and easy to implement on the page.

The Results

STRØM successfully strategised and executed the first phase of the process: building a platform that could communicate with the existing system and creating a beautiful and user friendly design template that can be expanded in the following stages of the modernisation process.

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