Powered by STRØM

Powered by STRØM

STRØM LAB is our product laboratory of innovation, rapid ideation, and prototyping.

In our lab we create our own products, explore and test technologies, open source our software, build joint ventures, and consult clients on concept & technologies, MVP’s, PoC’s, prototypes, user research & market discovery, risk management.


We also assist in providing guidance during fundraising and act as technical and strategic partners for start-ups, analysing viability and helping to achieve Proof of Concept, through lead marketing and prototyping.


We’re a curious bunch, and our products below are our guinea pigs for testing new technologies and methods – to the direct benefit of our clients. If you’re interested in collaborating with our laboratory, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Looking for a tech partner

We are always looking for interresting projects and partners to work with. So don’t be a stranger - let’s talk and drink coffee.

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