TRUETWINS — The Digital Passport for products

TRUETWINS is a simple plug-and-play solution offered to brands through industry standard API frameworks, working as an integrated solution within existing digital brand universes and designed to minimise effort, time and cost of implementation.

By putting the life story of products on record TRUETWINS helps consumers make informed choices, satisfying the trend for conscious consumerism. By doing so, it also allows brands to document quality, durability and sustainability throughout the lifecycle of individual products.

The blockchain technology opens a unique opportunity for brands to put its practice on record and for first-and second-hand owners of products to stay connected to the brand, holding it accountable for its declared conduct. This will favor high standards, quality and sustainability over appearance and greenwashing while combatting counterfeiting plaguing not least the luxury goods industry.

With TRUETWINS, brands can create a direct link between a physical product and its digital twin, making our service an immutable digital identity card for high value goods. Also, we believe that enhancing transparency and accountability will serve to ensure a competitive advantage to responsible products respecting the highest standards and ensuring sustainability.